South Alabama University

South Alabama University

Chuck White of White's Clock & Carillon Service Peachtree, GA had this to say about the work that we did on the University of South Alabama Moulton Tower project:

"The bells and carillon for the tower were easy, but when it comes to big clocks and heights, I could only think of one person that I would call on for that kind of specialized work.  Carl Rickershauser the owner of Coastal Clock and Chime. Carl and I have worked on many projects together, he has been doing this high clock work for a long time and makes it look easy."

"Carl was scheduled for five days and due to rain and high wind we kept getting delayed. Most guys would have left but Carl and I kept at it and got a half day here and there. Commencement was coming and the University wanted the tower complete for the return of Alumni and the new grads. Well ten days into the project, three days to commencement at nine o'clock night working by flash light, the project was finished.  It's great to work with skilled craftsmen that love the trade and want the best for the customer."